Expertise and experience:
1. Advising and mentoring Amherst College students and young alumni who seek to explore and pursue careers in health.
2. Teaching (until December 2010 at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and as adjunct lecturer at UMassAmherst School of Public Health), mentoring, advising, dialogue, organizing, advocating, and experience to learn, practice, and pursue health in all its dimesnions. Has included courses on health disparities, and cultural and linguistic competence,
internships, independent study, research, seminars to build leadership capacity of young people and future public health work force.
Synthesizing research on social determinants of health, resilience, traumatic childhood experiences, racism, chronic stress, and conditions for productive dialogue that will have a significant impact on future public health practice.
3. Translating this research into humane MCH and public health practice to improve the health of women and children, with systems that honor families, communities, and cultures.
4. Integrating cultural understanding and respect as a key strategy to end health disparities.
5. Changing the language of public health and medicine to better reflect our ideals and purpose.
6. Bringing multiple stakeholders together to untangle complex public health challenges and take collaborative action to solve them.

1. Inspiring a new generation of leaders in public health and service through a wide range of local, national, and global opportunities.
Until January 2011, consultation to individuals, communities, organizations to build capacity in the above, by
a) Inspiring keynotes, presentations, workshops.
b) Organizing forums to build essential but previously unlikely partnerships.
c) Serving as catalyst for intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogue.
c) Writing papers and grants.
3. Organization and facilitation of interactive meetings with broad stakeholder participation to unite diverse parties and spark action to create public health equity.

For more information, contact:

"A smile is the light in the window of your face, which tells people that your heart is at home."
- Kolawole Bankole, M.D, M.S

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Better Chance and Mentoring Workshops at Amherst

Please note the two upcoming workshops at the Amherst College Reunion on May 29 and 30, 2009:

Amherst College Alumni Reunion 2009 Saturday, May 30, 2009, 2:30 - 3:20 p-m

The Class of 1969 Project: A New Role for Alumni to Promote "Lives of Consequence"

This project, started in 2006 by Justin Grimes '69, organizes opportunities for Amherst alumni to inspire and equip students and young alumni with tools to make a difference in the world. "Through their hard work, Class of 1969 alumni, in partnership with students, faculty, CCE, Career Center, other graduates, and community partners have brought a number of fantastic programs to campus - including a program of inter-faith, inter-generational dialogue and an inspired colloquium that resulted in the formation of a student-led public health collaborative," wrote an '08 graduate. Working with established departments at the College, the project is opening doors for alumni to "give" to the College through involvement with students. An innovative program in Group Dialogue and Individual Mentoring for students interested in public health and service have also contributed to this redefinition of the alumni role in student life. Facilitated by Richard Aronson '69, we will hear the story of the project though the voices of undergraduates and young alumni. Presented by the Class of 1969.
Pruyne Lecture Hall (Room 115), Fayerweather Panelists: Jodie Simms, Joshua Stanton, Molly Mead, Christopher Dole

Friday, May 29, 2009 2 pm
Celebration of the Amherst ABC Program on its 40th Anniversary, and on the role of the Class of 1969, other alumni, and the College as a Whole in this Extraordinary Program
Facilitator: Richard A. Aronson ’69
Participants: A panel of Amherst College Class of 1969 alumni, Amherst College alumni who were students in the Amherst ABC (A Better Chance) Program (, and Amherst ABC Board Members and others involved in the program throughout its history. Includes Michael Hawkins (Amherst ABC Board President), Frank Anderson (Invited - Initial Amherst ABC Board President),Jay Silverman ’69, Fred Hoxie ‘69, Henry Francis '71 (Invited)

The Amherst ABC Program was founded 40 years ago. In its senior year, the Class of 1969 decided to contribute to the founding of Amherst ABC by choosing to divert its yearbook-dedicated funds to ABC. The Class of 1969 is the only class in modern Amherst history without a year book. This workshop will explore: 1) The events leading to the Class of 1969’s decision, the summer of 1969 ABC orientation on the Amherst Campus, and reflections 40 years later. 2) The need for programs such as Amherst ABC 40 years ago, compared with today. 3) Opportunities for Amherst College and its alumni and students to make transformative changes in the community (in this case focusing on racial inequity and educational opportunity for low income youth of color) in Amherst and beyond. 4) The fundamental importance of philanthropy and non-profits in American society, and grassroots organizing, in the context of Amherst ABC as an example. The dialogue will be followed by a reception at the ABC House.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Amherst, AIDS, Activism: Launch Event Public Health Collaborative

By Jodie Simms, Amherst '09

Hello Members of the Amherst College Public Health Collaborative, including all who want to join!

This is to let you all know about the official launch event for the Amherst College Public Health Collaborative, which will be happening this Friday, April 10th, 2009, at 7:30 in the Cole Assembly Room, Converse Hall, at Amherst College. The title of the event is AIDS, Amherst, and Activism. The event is a way to excite students about the importance of public health, inform them about the developments in the AIDS field, and establish the collaborative as a resource on campus for students interested in public health. After a brief introduction of the Collaborative, we will be hearing from leading infectious disease specialists, Dr. Bruce Walker and Dr. Bisola Ojikutu, about their work addressing the global AIDS epidemic in South Africa with special regard to grassroots health care initiatives and community involvement and activism. Following the talk, there will be a discussion led by Dr. Walker, Dr. Ojikutu, and members of the Collaborative about public health in the community context and more specifically about how the Collaborative can be an effective grassroots initiative. Thanks to Jamie Cohen '11 for organizing this!